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Wow really what did He do?


By dimensions!

I vote you for the troll king of the site. You have got promoted from being the best to the KING!

He is feeling himself.

We all are going to be judge for we all fell short of the glory of God. So you can find another excuse you Satanist.

I know she doesn't know who she is for she is just lost.

The H is just a phrase people use to refer to Jesus Christ sort of it is known that people use it when that are angry or frustrated.

You are right she has no class at all see I told you she was bipolar.

I miss my friend Billie.

Best Religious Debater is Scom!

I think we know who the winner is.

That made me laugh you said that because you know it would be one. I will vote you for that.

Debate Topics Made: Should be one!

This sounds more professional.

Try to make them a different color each year because same would be boring.

I like to thank the people who believed in me and the ones who didn't. To the other winners great job my friends.

I am glad you are back it is great to hear from you my old friend.

Hellno2012 and Kameze.

Thank you brother God bless you a million fold.

Thank you so much Joe glad that you noticed!

Scrom is respectful I can see as well He is getting better at it!

I would have to say PrayerFails because He is very smart and He also uses a lot of sources to prove what He said when sometimes He doesn't have to. Again don't mind what I said in Most Stubborn because I mix it up with this one.

1 point

Don't mind this one I mean't to put Him down for Most Smartest lol I though I was on that debate lol.

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