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Anyone who dares crosses my path.-------------------------------

That debate was a stupid satire on homosexuality that wasn't even relevant satire.

I do appreciate that, but you hold your end as well in persuasiveness.-----------

Not even close to the definition of liberal.--------------------------------------------

No doubt it is JoeC.-------------------------------------------

Although the memory of Terminator is fading with time, Terminator is the most member to date yet.

Not sure about no contest, but Saurbaby is the most loved.----------------------------

I suppose Jungleson because no else is ringing a bell.--------------------------

Chuz Life is the most focused. It is only about abortion. Nothing else matters almost.

Being consistent is a general adherence to principles, you are persistent in your beliefs with regards to abortion. All your debates show it.

Ok great, everyone is thrilled for you, none of which are consistent.

I will not nominate myself, so it is GuitaristDog.-------------------------------------

Being respected and respectful are two different things.--------------------

The most annoying person without a doubt is DanaForYeshua formly known as Ismaila. She thinks CD is facebook, twitter, or tumblr.

I think you are mistaken consistent for persistent.---------------------------------

I would have to say that ThePyg is pretty consistent as well. What moral challenges did we contend with?

Obviously, JoeC gets most points all time while DanaForYeshua gets most points within the time period.

Who cares about DDO! Put the names on the back for the pride in this site.

I am prone to the colors of black tee shirt with blue and orange for the logo.

Altough design one is losing, I just like at the vertical angle.

Since there is no nominating of one's self for CD Awards, I will nominate EdudModnar as the Most Unusual because he just wants to have a CD t-shirt.

It is Joe, he only has over 19,000 points.--------------------------------------------------

Rhetoric is something that I don't agree with. It is the fact that you side with Keynesian economics, yet you call it consumer side economics, which doesn't exist. You don't even know what you agree with because you don't even know what it is, you just go with what you seen on MSNBC.

I can support JakeJ as the most conservative given LibertyLife is seldom on CD.

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