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No, I meant it as in they have every right to not respect me, they have no obligations, except a moral one.

All rights deserved to as well.

Absolutely, but neglect is not killing.

It may lack respect but it's not disrespectful. To disrespect is to actively take an action of showing a lack of respect, to lack respect is simply that. Most people simply lack respect for all of nature, yet they don't disrespect it by littering.

I disregarded it because it had no basis while we're arguing online like this. If that person were talking to his doctor, his doctor would have to help. If here talking to some random stranger that stranger would have brushed him off, or maybe even disrespected him.

I'm eager to see where you're going with this. No you have not.

Of course. I offer everyone a base amount of respect.

I don't. Because I can clearly look up with my eyes, that have not failed me yet, and see that it's not purple, and for them to try to convince me that it's purple is a waste of my time.

He does not call anyone an idiot without being prompted.

Wrong. If someone says the sky is purple it's not disrespectful to disregard that idiocy. ell in Lolzors' case, you're saying the sky is purple by saying anything contrary to what he claims he's here to teach us.

It's not inherently a disrespectful thing. It can be taken as such, but when you feel you are right, others have to be wrong, and he comes as if he's right, and as if others are wrong. Rarely with an air of cockiness.

Well whoever that is, he didn't solicit trolls like you.

Indeed. I'll give it to you that it was showy and attention grabbing, but I could probably Google it, copy it then paste it.

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No, I just wrote your name and underlined it.

If they are wrong (or you think they are wrong) it's not a sign of disrespect. Where the respect comes into play is how he doesn't resort to name calling, and the like.

and your point is? lol, if they happened to find three great faces on the internet to use, more power to them.

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Everyone wants to say random dude, but he's too obvious. His randomness is always contained in the package of being an ass. Joe's got that randomness that you can only expect to come from him. Doesn't sound random? Let me explain. You see a random as hell debate with a random title, and you immediately know who it's from, then you go see it, to see what randomness he posted as the first argument.


It doesn't matter how flashy the emotes, are, I could copy paste the biggest baddest, worst emote you ever saw. What matters it the memorability. No Joe argument is complete with out his wink eye faced emoted ;)


I feel like Joe's fits who he is really well, so it'd be rated est by me off of that.



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Really?! No contest, Joe.


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I would't say biggest sine most people probably don't know he's one but the worst I've dealt with is:


No offense but I have to go with:


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