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2012 Snappys - The final results are in!

Well, thanks for a wonderful voting period! I really appreciate everyone taking the time to nominate and vote up their favorite person. Now that the formaility is completed, I want to share the winners. Here they are!
Category Winner
Most Points Joe Cavalry
Most Philisophical Liber
Most Consistent PrayerFails
Most Sock Puppet Accounts Srom1883
Most Versatile ChuckHades
Most Annoying Srom1883
Most Respected (Andy - thanks everyone), Prayerfails, Hellno2012, Joe Cavalry, Saurbaby, ReventonRage, Silaswash, Liber, BenWalters, Libertarian1, Apollo, Axmeister
Most Serious Axmeister
Most Focused Joe Cavalry, Saurbaby08, PrayerFails
Most Loved Saurbaby08
Most Despised Gary77777, Jungleson
Most Missed TERMINATOR, Sunset, Billie, Zombee, ReventonRage
Most Persuasive MasterKage, Atypcian
Most Logical Libertarian1, ReventonRage
Most Stubborn Gary77777
Smartest EnigmaticMan, Liber
Most Clueless Srom1883
Best Single Debate Ever Norincomak90 (Homosexuality debate)
Most Conservative, JakeJ
Most Liberal iamdavidh
Most Random Joe Cavalry
Best Account Graphic Silaswash, ThePyg, BouncngBetty
Best Use of Emoticons Joe Cavalry
Most Well Known Joe Cavalry
Biggest Troll Joe Cavalry, Srom1883, Kamekaze, Hellno2012
Most Unusual ThePyg, EdudModnar ('cause he wants a shirt)!
Most Thought Provoking Apollo, Atypcian
Most Passionate Gary77777
Best Newcomber ChuckHades, Birgitsiv, MasterKage, Guitardogguy, Mackindale, Chadonsunday, Reventonrage, BenWalters, Apollo, Leroyjames, Lovestargirl, Edudmodnar, sonicfreak81, Ismaila
Worst Newcomber notmymuse
Most Scientific ricedaragh
The Plays nice in the sandbox award Izferno10

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You look very dashing at 720p.

3 points

Thanks for remembering me. I have been completely busy these past few months

Thanks again

Welcome back, it's been a while.

3 points

My acceptance Speech

Le me
2 points

It's a good thing I didn't make the video yet X) You added some that I wasn't expecting. I've made a few shorts that I can edit in regardless of the outcome though, so it should be up in a couple days :)

Congratulations everyone, and thank you for anyone who voted for me.

I'm really surprised that I won most loved. But thank you everyone. I feel the really feel the love :)

I think we should really push Andy on making those dis shirts for the next design.

2 points

Thanks for whoever voted me for best newcomer, I'm flattered.

Although I thought I only got one vote, but still :) it got me on the list. <3

I like to thank the people who believed in me and the ones who didn't. To the other winners great job my friends.

good job everybody! you did very well and all, and not just the winners, ALL are appreciated and comgratulated for! :):):):):) wish i won somethin, but no use complainin..



UPDATE: i actually won!?! yesterday i was too tired to realize cuz i was just scrollin thru, then i saw the other comments, and said"what?" i looked and


wow. i didnt think i'd win. :0 thnx!

Apollo(1608) Clarified
1 point

You won Best Newcomer .

1 point

Yeah, you won best newcomer twice!

Yeah, you won best newcomer twice!

hahahaha! yeah.... . only a few people get it. i bet like everyone wonderin why i keep sayin that. or not ;)

One of the most respected? My ego is satisfied...............for now.

Most logical? Shit I wasn't aware I was nominated for that one. Damn it, I have to pick up the pace again to maintain my title.

1 point

Here's a short list of who won how many. I probably missed some 2's.

Joe: 7 (8 counting BouncingBetty)

Reventon: 4

Srom: 4

Apollo: 3

Liber: 3

PF: 3

Saur: 3

Garry: 3

Hell: 2

Chuck: 2

Ben: 2


Pyg: 2

Libertarian1: 2

Did anyone ask chuck how much wood he could chuck if he could chuck wood ;)

Wait, so I don't get it. How can like, 8 people win one award? I thought the nomination with the most upvotes was the sole winner. Unless I missed something, which is possible.

addltd(5142) Clarified
3 points

Ok, Yes you are absolutely correct that only ONE user should win in each category. But, with some of the long time users taking so many categories, I wanted to spread the love (marketing love - that is) to make more people feel like they are valued...because they are!

1 point


Are you like a debateophile? I mean, do you go around saying stuff like, "Hey little girl. Wanna debate today's top news stories? Come into my van." ;)

You can get most Canadian?

OMG i won! Wow! Thatss really cool. Good job LSGirl!

Cough cough wink wink

1 point

Wow I got 4 awards? I thought I would only get 3 but, I guess I got an extra award for being the biggest troll? I don't know how people think i am troll when i am never trolling but i'll take the award anyway just like the other awards i don't deserve.

GeneralLee(134) Disputed
0 points

"I don't know how people think i am troll when i am never trolling."

Your multiple accounts don't give you a clue?

Srom(12207) Disputed
0 points

Your multiple accounts don't give you a clue?

I have never made a multiple account. And also it would be better for everyone on this site if everyone dropped it including you. Nobody talks about it except for you and RandomDude.

you know what would be cool? if all the winners of the 2012 CD awards got a printed CD card plus the CD shirt along with it? that way you have your card to show off in class and a shirt to wear so people be like" Whats CD?" and ill say" My life. I won this shirt cuz i was awesome !!!!"

1 point

Just realized I hadn't left a comment here, suppose I forgot.

Congratulations, winners.

Wait, how did I end up in the newcomer awards if I was never nominated? conspiracy?

1 point

Hellno: I have to agree with this even though I said Mack earlier... maybe both... plus MasterKage and that Guitar dog guy

Damn, Hellno is involved it in this to? Damn, this conspiracy goes pretty deep!

Having learned of my nomination and award, I can now reflect with satisfaction upon all those occasions when, amid invective and vitriol, I indulged my love of Socratic irony on this site; for I have thus been reassured that, though my motives may at times have been impure, I always conducted myself in an intelligent character. Especially when I was right.

Most Devilishly Handsome- AveSatanas .

1 point

Well bless your hearts! I made a list! ;)

0 points

I shouldn't have won most missed, I'm back. Isn't that what I said in the last movie, I'll be back. I meant it! A TERMINATOR is never really gone for good.

1 point

ReventonRage also is "Back", but you were both missed, so I think the award should still stand :)

1 point

Actually I don't think he is back because I haven't seen on here for months so I don't know why people say he is back when I haven't seen him.

I am glad you are back it is great to hear from you my old friend.