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2012 Snappys Winners T-Shirt Question #2 - Shirt Color

What shirt color would you like?  I will only be picking one so please vote up your favorite.  Specify the color in your argument...Vote up the argument with your favorite color.


Question #1 - What's on the front?

Question #3 - What's on the back?

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4 points

I'd suggest orange letters and blue shirt.


4 points

Shirt Color: Gray

Logo Colors: Same as website

2 points

This .

2 points

What Rice said... which is what you said...

whatever, I want this one.

1 point

I agree, I like this the best.

4 points

Shirt color: Black (:P)

Logo color/s: Orange + Blue

Yeah, this one is cool :) or maybe the same logo colors and a white backround.

I am prone to the colors of black tee shirt with blue and orange for the logo.

2 points

Blue/Grey I would say.

1 point

The color of the shirt should be blue and should have white letters.

I am presently of the opinion that a white font upon a blue background would be a most harmonious composition.

Shirt: Black, White or Grey

Logo: Black, White or Grey

I know its not ideal, but I don't really wear any other colors.

1 point

White with any text the create debate colors, blue and a little orange somehow, like CreateDebate. in blue and com in orange, something like that.

I'd also go with the first logo that Joe created because it would look cooler, especially with that color scheme.

White or gray .

blue shirt and red letters .

Black with orange outline on the ends of the sleeves and the collar. Blue lettering for CreateDebate with an orange outline or aura to it and an orange ".com" with blue aura around it. SWAG