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4 points

Oh geez. Unfortunately Gary7777. You can't even attempt to come to a half agreement with him. Like, I'm on his general side most of the time but if you don't go to insane extremes you're an imperialistic media-brainwashed ugly American. Koodos for sticking to his guns I guess.

Jungleson is unknown to me, so my official nominee is Gary7777.

2 points

Am I the only one who genuinely likes Garry? The dude is so knowledgable, and he takes so much of other people'sBS towards him. Gotta respect the guy.

1 point

I try to like him. He rejects like. It's like water on the Wicked Witch of the West.

I like him too, although I've never actually debated with him, beyond a couple of responses once when I hadn't slept for 3 days.

There isn't a single guy on the site who puts as much passion and thought into his arguments than him, it's just that his views are extremely unpopular, which is understandable.

Hellno(17756) Disputed
1 point

Garry77777? (it's five sevens BTW) No way! Garry and I never agree about anything and if we did he would take the other side just to be an asshole.. but he isn't despised by me! ;)

3 points

A recent one would be Jungleson, he's just incapable of grasping anything, even when he concedes every one of his points.

2 points

I'll support that one.

Not sure who Jungleson is, but apparently, he is a little rough on the edges with everyone.

2 points


-__- Too many useless Sonic debates puts you in a bad spot in my book.

whoa. just looked at his profile and i thought I was a sonic freak. this guy had EVERY DEBATE OR ARGUMENT ON THIS DUDE! now that i think about it, maybe i should change my profile name and pic cuz it seems like i've kinda strayed from my main reason of joining this!

Though I don't really despise anyone, the one person that has made me consider never coming back to this site would be garry, so thats who I nominate.

Jungleson .

1 point

Nummi .