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Snappys 2012 - Category #15 MOST STUBBORN






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7 points

Garry, it doesn't get much more stubborn than him.

1 point

I miss you Garry!~ You damn Irish basturd!

I would have to say PrayerFails because He is very smart and He also uses a lot of sources to prove what He said when sometimes He doesn't have to.

1 point

Don't mind this one I mean't to put Him down for Most Smartest lol I though I was on that debate lol.

1 point

I've gotta nominate myself (Riahlize) for this. I have to have the last word, even if it's just to concede to the opposition, the last word has to be mine.

And if I don't have the last word, it's because I haven't seen the reply or I'm waiting for my chance to go to the library for laptop wifi (easier to type long posts), since I only have phone internet right now.

Needless to say, my husband hates arguing with me. Haha.

0 points

It has to be Nummi or Micmacmoc, and when they go head-to-head...

Hellno(17760) Disputed
1 point

Really Mic? Delete your fake accounts!