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6 points

Srom. Doesn't know jack about his own religion, let alone any other system.

In general, Srom is clueless because he really is only a kid, and every child has been indoctrinated.

iamdavidh is a close second with anything economic. He uses political rhetoric as actual real argument.

Srom(12207) Disputed
0 points

I do know a lot about Christianity more then you know about.

ChuckHades(3197) Disputed
3 points

Psh, OK .

ricedaragh(2494) Disputed
3 points

You know jack shit about Christianity mate .

1 point

You made a Gummy Bear commit suicide! How could you do this?

You made a Gummy Bear commit suicide

i know this sounds sad, but i probably nominate myself because a lot of the debates i see in politics and some religion and other stuff i dont understand, plus i dont undersant a lot of big words:0. LOL!!!..... right, heh heh, ohhh...

Cynical(1948) Disputed
1 point

Don't be so pessimistic. One of the many reasons for this debate site is to increase your knowledge of such things. Allow yourself to grow, intellectually. ^.^

yea u right. thnx! i already learned like 20 things already