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Snappys 2012 - Category #2 MOST PHILOSOPHICAL







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8 points

Liber, fuck you all.

Here's why:

Reventon, the other very philosophical person on this site, stole his arguments from philosophers... basically a bunch of tl;dr of something that someone else had written. He wrote what they said and refused to explain how it applied to the current argument. It was an assumption that because a philosopher said something that supports what he believes in. i've debated with him twice. While the first time we found that our arguments were based on misunderstanding, his entire argument was just the argument of another with little room for expansion. His second argument was a complete assumption that Kant was right, and that's it. He supported what he said because Kant already said something similar.

Liber, on the other hand, shows a progression in his philosophy. He doesn't rely on the arguments of others to make his decisions. His views seem legitimate. Maybe the quarreling of a lost young adult, but the questioning of right and wrong, morality and any laws to force us to live by a certain code is exactly the type of thing that shows that he's actually willing to say "maybe i should just let go of all my constraints."

I don't know much about his life, but he seems to reflect the mindset of an original philosopher, while Reventon reflects the mindset of other philosophers.

So whether we can agree with anything that Liber has said, I'd give him my vote just because he seems like one of the few.

Gary is another one, but I disagree with him for the most part. If I had to choose between Gary and Liber, Liber all the way.

Reventon is definitely not what people really think he is.-------

4 points

Doesn't Garry77777 do lot's of philosophy talk?

2 points

Garry's whacked but I agree, he's a good pick for this one.

1 point

I think he is more depressing than philosophical, don't you have to be kind of open minded to philosophical?

He hasn't talked to me in months, but he may after this. Teeeheee =)

2 points

Wasn't there some guy called Thethinker who used to do a lot of philosophy debates?

Liber(1730) Disputed
2 points

TheThinker was not very philosophical. He may have made philosophically-themed debates, but they were done in what I consider to be an immature manner.

1 point

Oh, ok then, downvote it!

Gary77777 .

2 points

Look for 'most annoying' and then call it 'philosophy'.