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Snappys 2012 - Category #30 WORST NEWCOMBER


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7 points

I'm sorry, if notmymuse doesn't get this one, there's gonna be a fucking riot.

3 points

Fake accounts shouldn't count... so I guess this "notmymuse" or what ever Chuck said should get it... but I've never seen this person?

You don't remember? Read the shame.

1 point

I was gone for two or three months... it must have been during that time but after reading some of their posts, I'm inclined to agree with you.

2 points

I joined six days ago and I have already started annoying people.

2 points

Did anyone remember ChristJesus? He spammed the entire home page with his "fghjkl" debates to get himself over 100 points (=over 100 debates). Then Andy found out and reduced his points to -1.

That's what you get for abusing the system.

2 points


I've never met anyone who actually brags about being ignorant on a topic, let alone make the claim being knowledgeable on a topic is a burden that blinds one from thinking for themselves...

1 point

Really? No one has said... JellyPeach?

1 point

I'm late to this, but Feelingtruth... or whatever he's calling himself (or she).

0 points

EdudModnar, the most annoying newcomer I have ever seen. I do think he loves this site, but I also think he has a bigger love for annoying me. I don't understand why I am the only one complaining about him.