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4 points

Either Joe, he's focused on his trolling, or me, I'm focused on my attention ;)

4 points

Oh, if this isn't prayerfails I'm calling shenanigans like a boxing match.

You can be talking about the best color and he'll come up with a reason why government is surpressing the freedom of the color spectrum or some such nonesense. He actually argued traffic would be better without stop lights because stop lights are controlled by government. Goddamn stop lights! You need "free market" intersections too?

Go Ahead and mock me about free markets on roads and traffic, but it is only way to safer roads and congestion.

Roads and Traffic

2 points

He is the most focused, but not on those ridiculous notions.-----------------

0 points

Micmacmoc is currently top of the weekly leaderboard - his debates are usually serious and if I say anything he writes a huge paragraph with long words in it back to me. What kind of lie it 'ethics' anyway?