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PrayerFails comes to mind.

2 points

I'll agree with the fake bitch and say PF

Without a doubt, he is the most logical. GO and try and beat in a economics debate.

3 points

I'm voting shoutoutloud. All the arguments I've seen by her have been very logical. She's a good debater.


Omg I'm so surprised, thank you :)

2 points

Not Lolzors. thats for damn sure. hell, ill nominate myself because i hate illogical/abstract things .

2 points

Andy because he is able to put up with us all. .

2 points


1 point

I'm voting for myself on this one.

Thank you, thank you.

The minimum argument length is 50 characters. The purpose of this restriction is to cut down on the amount of dumb jokes, so we can keep the quality of debate and discourse as high as possible.

1 point

I'm the most logical person on this site (though I don't need an award or for anyone to agree with me to know that). Logic is what makes me draw the conclusions that I make.

It's why my views seem to never change. I have made sure that they were logically sound even before I joined in the debates.

For the record, I sometimes wish that logic didn't lead me to the conclusions that it does. It's not always convienient. But it is what it is... and the facts are what they are.

1 point

Double post removed....

50 characters - blah blah blah

0 points

We should have some examples of the logic being touted here.

But that's just me stating what should be an obvious (logical) thing...