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Snappys 2013 - Category #24 MOST WELL KNOWN

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10 points

Probably Andy or Joe. Maybe even Dana.

3 points

From what I have seen I think LizziexLaura is the biggest superstar of this site.

3 points

Really?! No contest, Joe.


1 point

You know I have been on every single Snappy awards to see if anyone choose me and no one has ever choose me. They choose me for "Most Stubborn" but then they decided its not me.

Looks like I won't be getting a CD shirt this year with any awards really. :(

2 points

Unless he adds a Most Oblivious category...

1 point

I highly doubt he would. I won some awards last year. Looks like this year I won't get any. :(

Jungelson(3959) Clarified
1 point

Wait, I thought you only got a T-shirt if you reached past 5,000 points..

Srom(12207) Clarified
1 point

You get a custom made T-Shirt when you reach 5,000 points.

You're winning the best theist debater category. .

1 point

Yeah I know that but I probably won't get that many awards as I did last year really.

1 point

............Dana or Lizzie. I wanna go with Lizzie. I am not to sure though. Yeah I will stick with Lizzie.

1 point

Andy. .

1 point


1 point

me because I piss people off. Lizzie is next, then Andy, Abby, Joe, and so on.