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Snappys 2013 - Category #33 SEXIEST MALE DEBATER

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5 points

I'm shocked that no one has mentioned me yet. Haven't a clue as to why.

2 points

LOL! I totally change my vote to you dude! TheWayItIs for Sexiest Male Debater!

2 points

Myself ;)

Hellno(17753) Disputed
1 point

Someone is conceded

Troy8(2431) Clarified
3 points

You mean conceited?

2 points

I have to go with Ricedaragh! Not only is he extremely intelligent but there's just something about the way he can maintain a stiff upper lip while simultaneously turning a frown upside down that's just irresistible! :))

Keep Your Chin Up! :)
2 points

Definitely myself, I even lift.

2 points

Um, almost none of the guys have their real faces as a profile picture, so I'm going to go with Hellno, because he makes me laugh and to me, that's sexy.

1 point

Awe shucks Hannah! Thanks but I won't be winning this one.

2 points

Troy8 all the way! :D

2 points

Sexy is more than physique. its about living the sexy lifestyle inside and out. I lift. im jacked. im clean cut and manly. But on the inside im smart and funny. tough and poised. And i can rock a girls body till the sun comes up.

1 point

Hellno. Yowsa! ;)

Jc41218(1558) Disputed
2 points

I feel so disappointed....

1 point


Not to many guys use their real face for a profile Pic. So who knows....

Maybe vote for sexiest personality...?

1 point

I appreciate the fact that for everyone who doesn't say me, it's either because they're embarrassed or because of my age, they would be shunned by everyone else. So thanks y'all!

1 point

Well... I was shocked at how normal Warjin looked since I picture most of you people as freaks... so I'll go with Warjin or my bro KOPF

1 point

What if that wasn't actually him? It wouldn't suprise me.

1 point

Hmmm? Wouldn't surprise me either but it looked real... not like the other obvious fake pics around here.

1 point

You are cuter. Muah! .

Me. I have an 8 pack

Yo ;)

1 point

Judas. ;)