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Snappys 2013 - Category #38 BIGGEST SMACK DOWN

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10 points

Guitarguy for taking down a fake account ring. The largest take down in cd history ;)

2 points

True true... But I started it all

2 points

I'll let you have my shirt if I win one lol.

Maybe you guys could get a XXX large size shirt and share it ;)

4 points

GuitarGuy for exposing a fake account ring. .

2 points

Probably that one time when I stood up for Dana (yes, I did, believe it or not) and I just got completely bitch-slapped by her, Abby, Lizzie, Hannah, and a couple other people.

Moral of the story: Bad things happen when you tell a female to "calm down". LOLZ

I asked you and others to stop. How is that slapping you?

Troy8(2431) Disputed
2 points

Shut up. Now I know why you all were mad at me. You were all the same person!

1 point

I completely agree with you... their behavior was uncalled for.

1 point

Well... I know someone is probably going to bring it up sooner or later... so what the hell!

It's pretty obvious that I don't like Dana and she doesn't like me (and everyone else that has a differing opinion)

1 point

I guess the more logical nomination would be Dana vs. Everybody (at one point or another).

1 point

I have no problem with you and I get along well with people who disagree. It is not if someone disagrees, but how. I handled a disagreement last night with tolerance.

1 point

You're alright. You were in one of your moods when I made that argument. Don't take it personally.

1 point

70% of my arguments are absolute smack downs.

Just ask the brave souls whom have challenged anything I've said.

Anyone who dares crosses my path.-------------------------------