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Snappys 2013 - Category #3 MOST CONSISTENT

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5 points

I'd say PrayerFails is the most consistent.

Every argument he's made for the past few years have been in accordance with his beliefs.

I've challenged him a little bit on some moral or logical hiccups, but compared to everyone else I'd say he's kept it pretty constant.

I would have to say that ThePyg is pretty consistent as well. What moral challenges did we contend with?

Prayerfails is very consistent in his libertarian beliefs that don't go off much at all.

2 points

No one beats Chuz. If anyone has stuck to a topic, like eggs will stick to an old pan if not properly buttered, it's Chuz.


2 points

I think you are mistaken consistent for persistent.---------------------------------

2 points

LOl, can't it be both.

Chuz-Life(496) Disputed
1 point



un weilding


Focused like a laser


That's me. :)

And I'm damn proud of it.

2 points

I agree and second ThePyg's nomination of PrayerFails....

2 points

I must nominate a person, who continuously has kept their views, never backed down, and has yet to be convinced by a fellow debater to change their views. This person is....


Lol jokes, sorry he came close but nah it's me :)

PrayerFails ;)

1 point

All I know is there are a lot of consistent "A HOLES" who say ridiculous shit on this site. Sometimes even more than yahoo trolls.