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Snappys 2013 - Category #6 MOST ANNOYING

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10 points



The most annoying person without a doubt is DanaForYeshua formly known as Ismaila. She thinks CD is facebook, twitter, or tumblr.

1 point

I agree. I am working on being a better person. .


1 point

I agree. I am working on being a better person. .

6 points

Chuzzy obviously.

Nox0. He seems kinda.....stupid.

4 points

Nox. We get it you're an atheist, do you have to have a war with every one who isn't though?


2 points

I vote for myself. If I did not let sin get in the way, I would be a better person.

I think we know who the winner is.

1 point

Yeah.... if there ever was a no contest winner, this is it.

2 points

I think I'm going to say Nox. He's very judgmental towards Christians. He shoves the fact that he's atheist in EVERYONE'S faces.


I think Joe Cavlary can be a little annoying some times .

1 point

Gasp!!! Blasphemy!!! Wait..., what? No!!! ;)

2 points

Wait? Isn't this like the second time you've disputed someone in the past couple months? Disputing people.... posting serious debates..... you'll be a 'normal' user before you know it if you're not careful.

1 point

Dana. She's gotten too comfortable with the "Ban" option.

1 point

... final answer.

EDIT: Vote changed to Dana

Wow really what did He do?

1 point

I change my vote to Dana.

Bemagic and some others come to mind

Ok I voted for Bemagic, but I take my vote back.

I want to nominate Shoutoutloud. She is seriously annoying with her whiny crying bullshit

You need to shot bitching and debate properly

Okey I voted for JoeC, but I take my vote back.

I want to nominate RandomDude. He is seriously annoying with his comments.

Debate properly, you don't need to demean other's opinions in order to make your point.

RandomDude(1286) Disputed
1 point

what in the hell is that supposed to mean!!!?

shoutoutloud(4302) Clarified
1 point

Do you want me to explain to you what I meant, or .. ?

Wait..., can you do that? Can you take your vote back? Can the people who voted for Obama take their votes back ;)

shoutoutloud(4302) Clarified
1 point

Of course they can :)

1 point


I find this user very annoying, mostly because of his repetitive personal attacks against people who do not share his viewpoint. I apologize if he has some kind of disability, but it seems like he is not capable of being respectful to those he disagrees with.

At a time, it is iamdavidh.-------------------------------------------------------

1 point

Nummi, Nox, and MAYBE Dana. :)

The minimum argument length is 50 characters. The purpose of this restriction is to cut down on the amount of dumb jokes, so we can keep the quality of debate and discourse as high as possible.

-1 points

Cuaroc: And for obvious reasons.

Just read his most ten most recent comments on any given day to see why for yourself.

Cuaroc(8827) Disputed
1 point

Chuzzy you posted in the wrong category try one up. Oh and your obsession with me is starting to get creepy.