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Who Should Be Nominated For the First Annual CD Awards?

Okay people... we're preparing for the first anual CD awards...

We need award catagories and nominees....

Please make all your nominees public... this has to be very public so everyone can agree that the results are true and counted correctly.


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5 points

I nominate TheTruth91 as the most perverted and narrow-minded person on CD, I'm already prepared to be down-voted because that's his M.O.

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4 points

I second that nomination !

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4 points

I agree with your nomination, but we will need to deliver Posthumous recognition as I am in the process of deleting the account for refusing to give up on the not to be mentioned debate involving children. I deleted it three times before deciding that I need to ban this individual permanently!

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3 points

I definitely support you on this !

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2 points

I completely agree with your decision. I think the moderation needs to be kept to a minimum but this is no place for content like that... especially since that was all he did was post that sick crap.

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casper3912(1581) Disputed
1 point

? is this not a site to discuss various things, to question and debate? come now, don't be a douche.

The quality of debates have gone done recently, and that debate was one deserving of a longer well organized argument which I didn't have time for.

I've been considering not bothering much with the site, lucky I'm somewhat addicted but I've been coming down and I'm wondering what new highs are out there. If you notice the old posters rarely post anymore, tis is for a reason. Don't encourage the opinionists as I'm going to start calling the new comers.

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2 points

LOL! I agree !

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3 points

I'll start it off... I nominate Garry777777 for Most Whacked Person on CD!

Side: Name the person!

I nominate myself for most smileys ;)

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2 points

I wanna nominate Garry77777 for the most thoughtful arguments and Thewayitis for the bravest survivor on CD. And Joecavalry for the most witty and funny debater.

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1 point

I agree with two of those but Gary, most thoughtful? Are you saying is arguments are well thought out, or are you saying he's a thoughtful person in his manner of argument?

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1 point

What I'm saying is that Gary's arguments are very well presented and they usually have an aspect that makes you think. And yeah, I feel he must be a thoughtful person by his manner of arguments.

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Thewayitis(4071) Disputed
-2 points
2 points

Most hilarious

Most amusing

Best supporting evidence


Most laid back

Too serious



I can't think of people to be honest, or if I can I don't want to offend anyone lol

But you guys can fill it in

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1 point

Those are some good ones... I like too serious and most laid back

Side: Name the award!

Most likely to have been raped in prison.

Most likely to have traces of obama's ass on their breath.

Most ridiculous replies to serious queries.

Most likely to be banned within the year( LOL)

Most patriotic.

Most treasonous.

Most likely to dance for nickles at the nearest truck stop.

Ad infinitum LOL

Side: Name the award!

How about most allies ?

The Multiple Personality Award could go to the one with the most fake accounts.

The Bipolar Award could go to either the one with the most flip flops (on opinion) on a given topic or to the one who has a house on both poles (North and South).

Most articulate.

Early riser (posts first thing in the morning)

Late nighter (posts late at night)

All nighter (never logs off)

Biggest boobs (real or fake)

Nerd/Geek (most research and links supporting their point of view)

Fanatic (refuses to change his mind and refuses to change the subject)

Best icon/avatar/picture

Most PC (Politically Correct)

of course, we could also have the least PC, etc.

And my all time favorite.... wait for it..... most smileys ;)

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1 point

It would help to get all the old guys back, there were some very active and intelligent individuals.

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1 point

I'm still here! Although not quite as old. Or quite as intelligent haha.

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