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Akulakhan's Reward Points: 2985

Points When What Where
5 Created Debate If I buy this website, I will make it into an app 😌
1 Added Argument Urinal selection etiquette/rules
0 Added Argument Where's the outrage to all this LGBT hysteria and forced affirmative action?
5 Created Debate It's been a while
1 Added Argument I left this site because it had turned into a childish hatefest. Nothing has changed!
2 Added Argument Is healthcare a right?
2 Added Argument If viable babies are being killed & you vote for those supporting it, are you responsible?
6 Added Argument Nine years
5 Created Debate Nine years
1 Added Argument Hillary Clinton's concussion problems
1 Added Argument We should have a option to make an alliance.
1 Added Argument Seriously, do people have nothing better to do?

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