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Akulakhan's Reward Points: 2973

Points When What Where
0 Added Argument Is shooting up schools only for the crazy white kids
1 Added Argument Taxpayer Funded Abortions
1 Added Argument Demonic Music?
1 Added Argument Best music
1 Added Argument We have a Demon Among us, my New Friends!
1 Added Argument Never thank God.
5 Created Debate Never thank God.
1 Added Argument The Girl Who Paints Heaven, Akiane Kramerik, is a Fraud
1 Added Argument Transgender And Gay Groups Say The Feds Should Ban Single Sex Bathrooms in Schools
1 Added Argument Is atheism an identity?
5 Created Debate Is atheism an identity?
1 Added Argument As usual not one person had the honesty to admit that they support no limit abortions!

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