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Akulakhan's Reward Points: 2973

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Mercy For An 8 Year Old Murderer?
1 Added Argument Should teenage girls be able to get birth control without the permission of their parents?
2 Added Argument What do you want to know about me???
1 Added Argument Does (4+7)x(7x12)+3=237?
2 Added Argument Can We Send Ebola to ISIS Through Mail?
2 Added Argument A high national debt is a good thing.
5 Created Debate A high national debt is a good thing.
2 Added Argument Obama's 4 Trillion Spending Plan
1 Added Argument Hey guys, don't you love killing babies?
1 Added Argument Should I kill my child?
1 Added Argument Diamonds - are they just rocks?
1 Added Argument Does God choose people to go to Hell?
1 Added Argument New Study Proves that Homosexuality is not genetic
1 High Rated Argument Abortion
1 Added Argument What do these lyrics mean?
1 Added Argument Saurbaby needs your help!!
2 Added Argument Who else wants to help fill out CD's Wiki?
1 Added Argument Do Your Part and Invite People To Createdebate!
1 Added Argument Determinism and free will are not incompatible at all.
1 Added Argument Atheism has many advantages over religion.
1 Added Argument Atheism is a religion without a God.
10 Added Argument What did you get for Christmas?
5 Created Debate What did you get for Christmas?
1 Added Argument Should GMOs be labeled?

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