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Jace's Reward Points: 5157

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Marching With Symbols of Hate?
1 Added Argument Globalism
1 Added Argument Globalism
1 Added Argument If you flee a blue state for a red state, shouldn't you vote red?
1 Added Argument When the government says lockdown & you do, you aren't the resistence
1 Added Argument Left is proud to give black female sports scholarships to those born as white males
2 Added Argument If the left are the resistence, why do they hate the capitol being stormed
2 Added Argument The agnostic is the most rational stance to hold. Is the agnostic stance most logical?
5 Added Argument Drugs are the greatest US killer. Drugs are worse in the US than anywhere else.
1 Added Argument DC Capital Police shot and killed one of the rioters. Was it a lawful shoot?
1 Added Argument DC Capital Police shot and killed one of the rioters. Was it a lawful shoot?
-1 Downvoted Argument Survey of principles
10 Added Argument Survey of principles
1 Added Argument Is the Retarded Hillbilly Clown Army about to be wiped out?
1 Added Argument Is this Trump, or what???
1 Added Argument Must-See New Video Shows Capitol Riot Was Way Worse Than We Thought
5 Added Argument Leftist hypocrisy re Capital Holl vs Antifa and Black Lives Matter.
4 Added Argument Where are you Republicans?
1 Added Argument Do walls work?
0 Added Argument Who is to blame for the events that occurred at the Capitol Building on Jan. 6th
1 Added Argument Do you think that a Fat Tax is useful to promote healthier living?
2 Added Argument Why I'm Losing Trust in the Institutions
1 Added Argument If Americans Aren't Stupid Then How Did Trump Ever Manage To Become President?
1 Added Argument Should we shorten the period for all patent-protection?

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