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RSS EdudModnar

Reward Points:209
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10 most recent arguments.
2 points

I joined six days ago, I have already made an enemy, and I am 5th on the weekly leaderboard.

1 point

Micmacmoc - he is currently top of the weekly leaderboard and all of his debates are full of useful information, he looks at a completely different angle to things compared to me. He looks at it in a logical way. Wow, I don't usually use that word.

0 points

If you wind people up and provoke the thought: "Wow, this guy is annoying! I am going to enjoy banning him!" then does that count?

1 point

As well as this, I played Herod in a stage production of Jesus Christ Superstar when I was 12. In the same year, I played Shylock, an old, Jewish man in Shakespeare's: A Merchant of Venice. I will never forget looking out upon the faces of my school and saying: "I am a Jew!"

1 point

Look at some of Crumble59's debates, such as Knife and Fork VS Spoon

1 point

Yeah .

0 points

Micmacmoc did one: Capitalism VS Communism. I was surprised at how popular that was after I looked at it.

I didn't post anything though, it's all part of the game plan.


Supporting Evidence: Nominate me for most annoying (
0 points

It has to be Nummi or Micmacmoc, and when they go head-to-head...

1 point

Nummi .

0 points

Micmacmoc is currently top of the weekly leaderboard - his debates are usually serious and if I say anything he writes a huge paragraph with long words in it back to me. What kind of lie it 'ethics' anyway?

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"I'M A MAN!"

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Gender: Male
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Political Party: Other
Country: United Kingdom

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