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RSS Sonicfreak81

Reward Points:137
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10 most recent arguments.

OMG i won! Wow! Thatss really cool. Good job LSGirl!

Cough cough wink wink

sonicfreak81(137) Clarified
1 point

sorry, meant to say "she" instead of he when i was talking about Mackindale. sorry! :0

i know this probably wont be too much of a good argument, but it could, im unusual cuz even tho im a 12 year old, i can act so much more mature, then sometimes i still act even younger than my age because sometimes i feel like goin to Chuck E. Cheeses! WT........

i think MasterKage would be good. not just because he my ally, but because he taught me things and pointed out lots of stuff that i never knew about and makes me go" wow i never even thought about that!"in our debates. he really makes me think about things... thnx MasterKage! LOL!

whoa. just looked at his profile and i thought I was a sonic freak. this guy had EVERY DEBATE OR ARGUMENT ON THIS DUDE! now that i think about it, maybe i should change my profile name and pic cuz it seems like i've kinda strayed from my main reason of joining this!

aww. thnx so so much!!! just wish i had all those points! lol!

"Create Debate Freak Award". 4 people who r always on 24/7 and dedicate their lives to cd. maybe people who been there since the beginnin or something like that.always providing good arguments and all other things like that combined. this could be like the most important role.

silaswash has the best graphic profile pic. MJ WE LUV YA RIP!!

im kinda passionate. i like to look at things from many perspectives and i aways try to stay positive. plus i dont curse on here. but thats just because ima kid but still tho.

yea u right. thnx! i already learned like 20 things already

Sonicfreak81 has not yet created any debates.

About Me

"As u can tell from my name and picture (yes I drew that pic)Im a super sonic freak!Im also very nice"

Biographical Information
Name: Taylor 
Gender: Girl
Age: 21
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Religion: Christian-other

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