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This personal waterfall shows you all of Akulakhan's arguments, looking across every debate.
1 point

(Someone: I think Akulakhan should win this one for shits and gigs)

Whoa hey now let's not be ridiculous everybody, ahahaha; but really I'm honored...

6 points

Category Ideas

•Most Thought-Provoking Debator

•Best One-On-One Debator

•Debator Always Online

•Most Polite Debator

•Most Ruthless Debator

•Best Argument of the 2012-2013 CD Year (with argument quoted)

•Most Pretentious Debator

•Most Laid-Back Debator

•Future President

•Future Fortune 500

2 points

I thought the custom sides feature was waay more successful of a method of getting a general consensus, but now these debates are kind of pointless. Just Imagine how much it would help for the Snappy's elections!

1 point

Double, accident

1 point

I'll take one! What'd it take to get one with my username on it?

2 points

How about most infrequent but active debater? I doubt I've been around recently enough to win any other award.

1 point

It would help to get all the old guys back, there were some very active and intelligent individuals.

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