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Nah, the best chides are the simplest ones. Simply "Fuck DDO" would be nice.

But, seeing as I'm not sure how legal that is, any ol' reference will do ;)

2 points

What Rice said... which is what you said...

whatever, I want this one.

My vote is for this one .

Wait, so I don't get it. How can like, 8 people win one award? I thought the nomination with the most upvotes was the sole winner. Unless I missed something, which is possible.

I like him too, although I've never actually debated with him, beyond a couple of responses once when I hadn't slept for 3 days.

There isn't a single guy on the site who puts as much passion and thought into his arguments than him, it's just that his views are extremely unpopular, which is understandable.

Damn... you really wanna show those college hispters dat CD shirt don'cha?

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Definitely agree .

You don't remember? Read the shame.

Oh wow yea, I remember Ismaila calling anyone who responded to her arguments a "stalker", then she went all weird and started talking about how she was abused or something. Good times...

Really, we need more fundamentalists on this site.

5 points

Gary777. Whether you love him or hate him, you can really tell that he cares immensely for what he argues.

6 points

Ricedaragh .

ChuckHades(3197) Clarified
1 point

Who ?

7 points

I'm sorry, if notmymuse doesn't get this one, there's gonna be a fucking riot.

2 points

Hehe, it's nice to see someone still remembers me ;)

Am I the only one that sees a kind of flaw with the best and worst newcomer stuff? Because most people here won't be able to remember that period when me, Apollo, Ben and Reventon came (I think there was less than a month's gap between all of our registering for the site). And a lot of people won't remember notmymuse, Ismaila, and norincomac (spelling?) either.

But whatever, I should still win one thing :)

I would go with Reventon, Ben or Apollo, but they, along with me, just don't feel new anymore. So I'll go with Chadonsunday.

Ignore this, posted on the wrong debate .

Ignore this, posted on the wrong debate.

OK, isn't Joe gonna win like 50 shirts? Seriously, he's like god on this site.

3 points

Psh, OK .

I suppose, in theory, it would. Although that would necessitate EnigmaticMan's appearance on the site.

Lol, if you want some kindergarten level Latin, I can do that.

Oh, you're back! I only just noticed, so you'll have to excuse the lack of red carpet. I hope you're still in touch with the religious stuff, as we have had an influx of new debates recently. I appear to have lost appetite for them, but perhaps if I see you in form again, I'll post something on them.

Welcome back ;)

I doubt it, seeing as I've never seen anyone else with that graphic.

4 points

I really like ThePyg's rainbow swastika thing, not for the meaning or anything, just 'cos it looks awesome.

6 points

Srom. Doesn't know jack about his own religion, let alone any other system.

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