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CD Awards 2011...and the winners are:

Create Debate Awards 2011 Official Winners


Most points     JoeCavalry
Most Allies     JoeCavalry
Most respectful     Silaswash
Most Philosophical    atypican
Most consistent     Bohemian
Most versatile     peekaboo
Best debate graphics    Hellno2012
Most anti-Obama     Hellno2012
Most English     EnigmaticMan
The bravest Contender    Thewayitis
Biggest Advocate Of Ludwig von Mises  PrayerFails
Biggest believer in the site and its purpose! Myclob / atypican
Biggest visionary    casper3912
Most serious     Garry7777
Most focused     Garry7777
Most loved     Sunset
Most missed     Terminator / Billie / Zombee
Most Unappreciated    PrayerFails
Sexiest Profile Picture    Sunset
Biggest attention whore    Saurbaby08
Most Reformed     TheThinker


Most Libertarian     PrayerFails

Most Annoying Libertarian     Libertarian

Best Idea (for the awards)      Axmeister

All winners, please review for accuracy!  Also, if you want a T-Shirt, please message your mailing address and T-shirt size to addltd.  It will be kept in the strictest of confidence!

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I think that peekaboo should donate a large sum of money towards building an Intensive Care Unit (I.C.U.) at a hospital of her choice and have it named after her, "peekaboo I.C.U." ;)

3 points

That is Hilarious!!! Maybe Joe should get funniest debater (and a hat trick along with it)!

3 points

I told you already. I'm a ghost. I'M INVISIBLE! #$#@))(#)@#%&*(&

3 points

This comment just caused me to envision Muttly walking around a cartoon landscape, minding his own business, only to be assailed by a stream of curse words coming out of nowhere. Later he finds some way to blame the incident on Liberals.

Oh..., sorry...., I didn't see you standing there ;)

3 points

Congratulations...! The laughing Dog must be proud...........!

I'd like to thank all the little people that made this possible.... ;)

1 point

Why is this getting so many upvotes... why do you all want to part me from my money?

And what on earth makes you lot think I have lots of money to begin with? If I did I wouldn't be a liberal >.>

3 points

Woot woot! Most anti-Obama.... I've never been prouder!

3 points

Nope... You ought to be! Congratulations...........................!!!

3 points

Aww Thank you !

3 points

Congratulations.................................!!!!! You made your parents proud! Hahaha..

2 points

I sure did LOL !

I didn't win the most annoying Libertarian award? Heresy!

2 points

OK,OK you win...Most Libertarian....Libertarian! I stand corrected!

2 points

Lol that particular award belongs to prayerfails unfortunately.But I hold I have been considerably more annoying in my political stance. I also don't think I have any competition for the most annoying libertarian award either. Sweet, default win!

Yes, look at me woot woot! I love it, I love it! Thank you everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 points

Congratulations! You can go back to the Naval Proud......!!!!!!

2 points

Lol, thanks. ^_^

1 point

Congratulations....! You did it.. Hahaha... Lol.............................!

HAHA I know it's going to be very funny if everyone looks at your t-shirt and it says biggest attention whore on the back lol.

2 points

I think it'd be expected actually. Lmafo

But you've got a point. I want it more for a souvenir.

2 points

To the 4 people who expressed their appreciation of my perspective I offer my heartfelt thanks.

As a side note I am ever so envious of the awards won by myclob and silaswash

Supporting Evidence: evidence of me being passionate about the idea behind cd (
1 point

Dear atypican, you have been added as a multi-winner with Myclob.

2 points

Congratulations everyone! I don't know about the rest of you but I still think this was a great idea.

1 point

And, my apologies, You get the award for the best idea! I will have updated the debate to list you!

From my short time here, I would say that it is perfectly made. (For the things that I actually have seen.)

Capital, capital!

1 point

What about most American? I mean come on were like England plus more.

1 point

Great question... Anybody up for nominating one final award winner? The T-shirts are just about ready to go to print!

God bless you for the shirts. I think this is a great way to promote your website because this is "new." It is new to me and it will definetely bring in newcomers.

I appreciate the shirt and i will probably thank you again for it. I hope you got a shirt for yourself as well. :)

Did you already get yours? Let me check again..., maybe mine arrived while I was typing you ;)

lol man. No i actually didn't get mine. I just want to say my thanks to Andy THE MODERATOR again.

Thank you Andy I am glad to hear(see) that the shirts are in I can't wait to get mine! =D

I got my shirt a couple days ago, i should have a picture up soon.

I've been busy with work, school, getting a hackerspace going, and occupy but I'm still around.

I love this site, andy you are awesome.

1 point

I got my shirt, and finally got around to posting a pic on the CD facebook page.