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Create Debate Awards?!

You know, I was thinking about something and about how everyone sometimes puts little to no effort into their arguments... including me. Then I thought of something cool. I'm sure it's already been thought of but shush.


Like, if a debate is majorly important or has loads of people flock to it should administrators and/or moderators give out awards to users who are able to pull off stunts like getting upvoted to the top for a contraversial argument or for pursuading someone to leave their side?


I dunno, what do you think about an awards system. I think it would give people an incentive to work harder on their arguments and bring up evidence and what not.


What do you think?

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Not like, rewards or cash or material goods or anything like that. Just like medals that you can have in your profile to brag about. You know, stuff like that.

That's actually a good idea...

If there was like a section for awards, medals, and stuff for a popular debate/argument, that would be cool!

As long as that didn't become the point of the site.

I'm sorry Loud...I can't go with you on this one. I think that it is a very bad idea. Suddenly there are debates on the board of a similar ilk including the one about getting paid to go to school!!!! My opinion is that it would taint the meaning of and reason for the site. Why can't people be happy creating good debates and winning them with their knowlege and expertise? Isn't that what we're about? I see this as a detriment and not a very positive attribute to debate.

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I think that having an award on your profile page, not an actual object. Like a little blue ribbon under your personal info, like "johnbonham32 has won the most up votes in a day award before!"

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I don't see how this could be done really, without becoming unfair or outrageously expensive. What are some ideas? "Awards" is a general term, that could mean anything from, say, points, to a material object.

I did win a contest for the February 'Mental Stimulus Package,' two sets of books for the most debate views and another for the highest debate score. I don't know if this is the kind of thing you're talking about, so I would invite you to be more specific... :\

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I think its a good idea. We don't really have much mulla though until you guys start clicking on more ads :)

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Click, click, clickety-click, click...

There, that should've helped. ;)

You guys do have some good ads on this site, though. It's really turned me on to Clutch Tees.

Click people, click!!! It's just a couple seconds out of your day, and you obviously support the site. Just click.

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duncer(419) Disputed
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i cant click on add im at school lol joe will fund cd but he's rich i think lol

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It's a pretty bad idea to have Debate Awards, if there are debate awards isn't it encouraging people to strive for the awards rather than good debates ?

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