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Create Debate T-Shirts will be printed next week!

The new CreateDebate T-Shirts that are going to the printer next week.  I hope you like them,


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That's great news! Thank you Andy for spending a lot of time investing for this, is your wallet okay? Once I get mine I will take of picture of it and upload it to here to show everyone.

Make it a video with you wearing it AND doing the moon walk ;)

Lol Joe also I didn't notice you changed your profile picture what made you changed it?

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I think this is very nice of you. I can't believe that you will put in your money to makes us happy.

It takes a brave man to give money to people who you basically don't really know. :)

My sincerest gratitude, sir.

Andy things happen don't rush trying to deliver the prizes take your time brother.

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Honestly, im more happy for the surprise than the shirt. Or am i being selfish? I do appreciate the shirt. God bless you Andy.


I hope Peekaboo can wear the t-shirt and still remain invisible (may I be forgiven for my past transgressions ;)

Reference: CD_Awards_2011_and_the_winners_are#arg185163

addltd(5142) Disputed
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Peekaboo may be able to remain invisible, but the T-Shirt won't!

Maybe if it was wet ;)

I am sure that they are awesome, but what do the awards and T-Shirts really symbolize.

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Okay, so now I just need to put it on and find a way to be one of those guys in the background during some live newscast and be all obnoxious, pointing at the CreateDebate name and jumping up and down... Hmmm??? lol

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Yes please! if that will drive additional traffic to the site...