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Does Enigmaticman still come on? If not, then I'd go with Liber .

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EnigmaticMan has been on a couple of times since I joined the site. We had a brief conversation in Latin (neither of us are very good at composition), and I respected his smarts greatly. I would greatly enjoy engaging in a battle of minds with him. Perhaps that would, if your observation is correct, determine forthright which of your two selections truly is the intellectual superior?

I suppose, in theory, it would. Although that would necessitate EnigmaticMan's appearance on the site.

Lol, if you want some kindergarten level Latin, I can do that.

I would have to say PrayerFails because He is very smart and He also uses a lot of sources to prove what He said when sometimes He doesn't have to. Again don't mind what I said in Most Stubborn because I mix it up with this one.

I would support that notion without a doubt. Smartest in one particular field.