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Snappys 2013 - Category #1 MOST POINTS



MOST ANNUAL POINTS (Jun 01, 2012 - May 31, 2013)






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5 points

I like the idea of most points for the year... I assume Dana would get that.

1 point

Awe! You DO love me! ;)

2 points

He nominated you for an award.. how is that showing his love for you?

2 points

Joe wins, all the way. But I think one of Prodigee's accounts got the most points in one week. Something like over 1100.

That takes some dedication, even if it was spamming.

Cuaroc(8827) Disputed
2 points

No Prod does not a deserve a reward of any kind that only encourages such behavior.

1 point

Agreed... besides, point farming doesn't count.

1 point

Well Dana usually gets most points per week.

1 point

Great Point! Maybe it is time to change up the category...Most points for the year!?!

DoubleD .

Dana has been on the top of the weekly leaderboards for weeks - the short time i've been here she has been number one.

I think that should count :)

1 point

(Someone: I think Akulakhan should win this one for shits and gigs)

Whoa hey now let's not be ridiculous everybody, ahahaha; but really I'm honored...

It does make sense to pick the most points for a given year. I've been here way too long and it wouldn't be fair otherwise. However, I don't recall how many points I had last year so I don't know how many points I made this year. Oh well..., I'm not the one who has to figure it out ;)

1 point

You have my vote. ;)

Obviously, JoeC gets most points all time while DanaForYeshua gets most points within the time period.

1 point

I am flattered that I have been nominated, but my vote is for Joe. .

Not contest, Joe blows everyone away.-----------------------------------

By dimensions!

1 point

Uh, this is obvious as of lately and in general.

Wait, what am I saying.

Why is this even a category? Considering the BS the points brings to the table. :D