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Snappys 2012 - Category #25 BIGGEST TROLL






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3 points

joe cavalry because he's fackin joe cavalry, thats what he does.........................

2 points

Considering joecavalry has over 19000 points and most are jokes, he just maybe the biggest troll.

Thewayitis(4071) Disputed
1 point

Joe is hardly a troll. If you deem a genius in is own mind a troll, then he must be. He is no doubt one of more intelligent people here or he simply has no life outside of here. Which ever and whatever you decide, he is no troll.

For some strange reason I had the urge to up-vote you.

2 points


He loves pushing buttons for fun

2 points


Hellno2012 and Kameze.

OK, isn't Joe gonna win like 50 shirts? Seriously, he's like god on this site.

addltd(5143) Clarified
2 points

No, he won't win 50 shirts! While Joe will likely win more than one category, I will make sure he only gets the wealth he deserves and the rest will be distributed among his subjects!

1 point

ME !

The apple grows mouldy
Micmacmoc(2259) Disputed
1 point

What the hell? What relevance does a mouldy apple have to this conversation?

EdudModnar(209) Disputed
1 point

Well, this is the category where we discuss trolls in great detail.

Look at this, Micmacmoc
1 point

Wait... Nobody is going to say SROM!!!????!?!? He is SO the biggest troll. Him and his double Mors account, and the denying it, and then blaming ChuckHades. If ANYONE is the biggest troll, it's got to be srom.

Cynical(1948) Disputed
1 point

Srom is not a troll. Sure, his arguments are relatively weak, but that doesn't make him a troll. And I doubt he multi-accounts.

GeneralLee(134) Disputed
0 points

Grr.... if I had a nickel for every time I had to explain things to people......then again, I could just use copy paste... Ok, I'll explain this to you so that even you can understand that Srom multi-accounts (pasted from another post I made).

"How can you not see that Srom is Mors. I know he changed his avatar now, but Srom's avatar used to be that of the Autobots. Mors is that of the Decepticons. He's obviously deceiving you. He's a troll and a liar. Mors is Srom spelled backwards. Both their profiles are the same. They both compliment each other. They never disagree. My greatest proof of the fact that they have the same profiles it this. In this article, Cuaroc says, "why don't you just make a few more accounts to spam up-votes for yourself? ...

doesn't srom already do that though?"

To which Mors replies: "I don't do that. Making alternative accounts would be untruthful." Notice how he says I don't do that. The question was addressed to Srom, but Mors answered it with a I don't do that. He was obviously accidentally logged into the wrong account at the time of the posting. He probably meant to be logged in as Srom, but accidentally posted as Mors. This is concrete evidence."

If you don't believe me now about the multi-account, you are probably just another one of Srom's accounts. ;)

Prodigee. I know hes gone but lets be honest, Joe isnt really a troll. Being a troll entails that the person induces rage in his enemies but Joe is just kinda there with witty things to throw in that dont really have much value and were they can be anoyying sometimes they arent really that bad. Prodigee however induced so much rage in countless people on this site that i think he deserves the troll award.