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Snappys 2012 - Category #29 BEST NEWCOMBER


BEST NEWCOMER (in the last 12 months)


WORST NEWCOMER (in the last 12 months)

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5 points


He doesn't seem like a newcomer anymore, but he hasn't been here for over a year.

2 points

Hehe, it's nice to see someone still remembers me ;)

Am I the only one that sees a kind of flaw with the best and worst newcomer stuff? Because most people here won't be able to remember that period when me, Apollo, Ben and Reventon came (I think there was less than a month's gap between all of our registering for the site). And a lot of people won't remember notmymuse, Ismaila, and norincomac (spelling?) either.

But whatever, I should still win one thing :)

1 point

Those were the days…

Remember the "Homosexuality is wrong debate?" or the various Ismaila god debates."

Really...if anyone is wondering why kids should stay in school, check 'em out.

1 point

Who else was I going to vote for?

ChuckBiden is the bomb.

2 points

I joined six days ago, I have already made an enemy, and I am 5th on the weekly leaderboard.

i would nominate Birgitsiv as "Best Newcomer Award" cuz she already has like 460 points. i was gonna nominate myself, but when i saw other newbies profile it made me feel like a wimp. lol! i also nominate Mackindale cause he has 430 points, over 10, 11 allies, has no enemies or hostiles, and he just joined 12 days ago, not even two weeks ago!

2 points

Thank you very much <3

As a thank you, I will vote for you as the best newcomer :p

aww. thnx so so much!!! just wish i had all those points! lol!

2 points

I have to agree with this even though I said Mack earlier... maybe both... plus MasterKage and that Guitar dog guy

sonicfreak81(137) Clarified
1 point

sorry, meant to say "she" instead of he when i was talking about Mackindale. sorry! :0

2 points

Mackindale. They're they only newcomer that actually writes proper arguments, and everyone I've seen isn't just a long bit of writing, it's sensible debate. At a time where I don't have the time/motivation to write a significant amount, it's good to see that someone still can, especially someone new. Here's to hoping they stay!

1 point

I agree, and she has a good sense of humor.

I would go with Reventon, Ben or Apollo, but they, along with me, just don't feel new anymore. So I'll go with Chadonsunday.

LeRoyJames .

MEEEEEEEEE!!!!! nah, im jokin( no,im not. i wanna win!!) ok, kinda. i do wanna win, but i know the chances of THAT happening is kinda slim, so yea!

xBetsy, he's literally brand new to the site but he's a genius .