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Snappys 2012 - Category #4 MOST SOCK PUPPET ACCOUNTS






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7 points

I was hoping this would get a few people to "out" themselves on how many they really had. I think that someone will likely nominate Srom as well...but we will see!

3 points


You said it first! Now you take the blame for it!

1 point

That is why I did it! I didn't want anyone else to take the blame for it...but I am not sure if he really has that many.

It appears that Srom will have two awards, but not really the most desirable categories, Most Sock Puppet Accounts and Most Annoying.

4 points

Definitely Srom, although I do have one but I'm not sure I even remember the password for it???

3 points

I wonder who's going to win this one... it's so obviously Joe.

Saurbaby(5579) Disputed
1 point

O_O How in the world do you think I'M Joe when I make videos and stuff....

srom .

1 point

I'd say Joe, because I know for SURE that he's got them, though I'm not sure how many.

I've only got about three myself. ;)