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8 points

Though you don't debate often, I respect you the most on the site. Most likely because you're ability to stay neutral among our arguments, while still stating your opinions.

I know part of it is because your position the site, but you deserve some credit for being able to hold you composure.

So I nominate Andy for this one :)

1 point

I agree with this... I can't think of anyone I respect more on the site... but then again, that's kind of his job... he kind of has to be respectful of everyone if he wants the site to continue.

3 points

I agree, but just because he has to do it, does not change anything. He's still an extremely respectable person, and even when people are acting like complete idiots on the site, he holds on to it.

Andy .

I have the most respect for prayerfails, mostly because hes always right! However, from observation I would say that saurbaby is treated the most respectedly, though i believe it comes more from the fact that shes cute and not because she actually makes good arguments.

Thank You, I do appreciate that you think that and I like that you defend my positions as well as liberty.

Saurbaby(5579) Disputed
2 points

i believe it comes more from the fact that shes cute and not because she actually makes good arguments.

This is pretty insulting. Not to mention I may be cute, but it'd be insulting to everyone else on the site if the only reason they respected me was because of something as shallow as that. I'm not the best debater by any means, but I make decent arguments and I'd like credit for my mind too.

1 point

I think you are a good debater about 50 or 60 % of the time (basically when you try) the rest of the time you are flirting, posting pictures of yourself and talking about how you are a stripper. I don't have a problem with any of these things, I understand the desire to be desired and popular and there is nothing wrong with it. Ive done it plenty in my life (not here). I am merely stating an observation of your strategy (which I know you are completely aware of). I am not trying to offend anyone (get a reaction, yes offend no) the reactions of others to your seduction is completely natural, males are a very sexually driven gender (and you know it) and I don't think less of them for it. like i said just an observation.

Great respect goes to Prayerfails because he is always right even though I tend to disagree with him such as drug policy.

2 points

Reventon, even though he doesn't come on any more, I'm pretty sure that everyone who debated with him was completely aware that he was vastly intelligent.

Although I can't disagree with Sabrina's idea of Andy, if you're allowing yourself to be voted in it, then you have to come first :)

Saurbaby(5579) Clarified
1 point

Lol I just realized you used my real name instead of my Username. X) It's weird seeing it here, though I know it's up lol

Scrom is respectful I can see as well He is getting better at it!

Pick and choose from the following: Liber, Ben, Libertarian1, Apollo, Reventon.

I choose you Andy.

1 point

I respect Axmeister