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3 points

ChuckHades... where has he been? I suspect someone needs to go over there and drag that bitch back here! ;)

Srom(12207) Clarified
1 point

What about Apollo, and RevengtonRage?

1 point

Meh? ChuckHades was hilarious... we need more people with a sense of humor on this site.... I thought you hated ReventonRage?

2 points

Prodigee and Nummi .

Sitara(11082) Disputed
2 points

Anyone who misses Prodigee is fuck in the head. .

Lol I think the site became more social than Facebook when he was on.

I do miss Prodigee, not Nummi though. I have no patience for stupid and arrogant people who have a holier than thou attitude.

I never really knew Nummi. I read only a few of his arguments before he disappeared and i thought they were good. at least content wise. But maybe i dont know his entire persona

Lol I am very positive we all miss Prodigee somewhere in our hearts.

1 point

You are just saying that because he is probably still on here somewhere and you don't want him bothering you :)

1 point

............? No.

2 points

EnigmaticMan is the most sophisticated chap ever on this site.------------------

2 points

I'd have to say Chuck... makes me wish we had conversed more, before his departure. However, Prodigee is an o.k. choice, definitely doesn't exceed Chuckhades, though.

2 points

Chuckhades and Apollo.

ChuckHades ;)

1 point

Judas. ;'(

Although the memory of Terminator is fading with time, Terminator is the most member to date yet.

1 point

Still Terminator for me.

I miss my friend Billie.

1 point

Yeah... I miss Billie too, and Sunset but they've been gone so long I went with someone who left more recently.