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3 points

Iamdavidh... no contest.

No doubt, it is not even close. He will beat down one point until it to death.

Not even close to the definition of liberal.--------------------------------------------

I don't know..., but I'll have to diss who ever wins this category ;)

HellNo maybe? Or Dana .. I don't know if she fits the most liberal. All I know is that she supports gay marriage and abortion.

Of course the most liberal could be someone who is against taxes or stuff like that.

So basically almost any libertarian on this site.

Lol. No it gotta be someone who doesn't want to pay taxes, supports gay marriage and abortion and also wants to legalize weed. ;)

1 point

WTF? I have never been accused of being a liberal? Where do you come up with that?

shoutoutloud(4302) Clarified
1 point

Maybe I was wrong? I don't know, I haven't been here for that long . I said that because I thought you were pretty liberal :)

I nominate myself, if you don't up vote this you must be SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaavage!

Cheers ;)

0 points

Mickey Mouse (this was just a test)

-1 points

I nominate myself. .

Hellno(17756) Disputed
2 points

Two years ago you called yourself a conservative... seriously Dana... you don't know what you are. Iamdavidh is by far the biggest left wing nut job liberal on the site.

2 points

Now she claims to be an independent lol.

Sitara(11082) Disputed
1 point

Jesus Christ! So I make a few mistakes and suddenly I do not know what I am anymore? I honestly think I was a centrist and just did not know it.

Sitara(11082) Clarified
1 point

I am also allowed to change my mind. Smooches. ;) .