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Snappys 2013 - Category #35 BEST ATHEIST DEBATER

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4 points

AveSatanas for me. That guy is like a fortress dude.

awwwww that made me smile :) thanks Azra .

2 points

I guess i nominate myself .

1 point

Hellno. .

2 points

Thanks? But I don't really debate religion or lack there of so.... it's not me.

1 point

You are not an asshole though. ;)

1 point

Can I nominate myself? I nominate myself.

1 point

Chuckhades, by far. I know Reventonrage is supposed a badass motherfucker at religious debates, but I never actually saw him in action, myself. Plus, he's either on mass hiatus (again), or he's left for good.

1 point

I completely agree with Chuck but he's no longer active.

2 points

Yeah, yeah, I know, but he still deserves it more than any of the other nominations, but if I can't go with him, I'll guess I'll go with Azra's nomination of Avesatanas.

I loved chuck he was the man. Whenever I came across someone i didn't feel confident enough to take on he'd take them. Sad he's gone. But who do you nominate if not him?

They're all assholes. I say none.

1 point

I resemble that remark.

1 point

Is it some kind of magical power you have that makes it so that any time someone says asshole you are there? Because, it is quite an impressive skill you have, :)

AveSatanas(4443) Disputed
1 point

Awww Q man I thought we were buds...and...aren't u an atheist? :o

1 point

He's gone... didn't you hear? He confessed to multiple accounts yesterday and quit.