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Snappys 2013 - Category #34 BEST CHALLENGE DEBATER

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2 points

Most people don't make challenge debates, I guess the only person who I've actually seen make one is Sitara. Buuuuut she made it as a means of getting around being banned from commenting to the person so I'd give it to her challenger, Stryker. He held his own and tried, then was banned, but still tried more.


1 point

I don't know I think I am a pretty good debater on social issues Prayerfails on Economics.

1 point

I haven't seen any real challenge debates happen since I've joined, but Dana starts the most if that counts.

Jc41218(1558) Disputed
1 point

Want to debate?

Stryker(849) Disputed
1 point

Sure, how to we go about picking a topic?