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Snappys 2013 - Category #4 BEST ARGUMENT OF THE YEAR

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5 points

ThePyg, said Dana was most annoying. Who can argue with that?

lupusFati(790) Clarified
1 point

I can. Bieber annoys me far more .

3 points

tooting my own horn here, but I feel like i've defended gun rights quite awesomely this past year.

And not typical gun rights arguments, neither. I'm talking full on legalization and deregulation of guns.

2 points

This is one of my favourite arguments in the whole of CreateDebate, I am aware that it wasn't written this year and will happily have it discarded from the final results.

The guy who posted this only appeared once or twice and the argument itself is copy and pasted from another blog. However, it was one of my first glimpses of what nationalism can do to someone and the sheer, blind stupidity of the argument is what makes it humourous.

Link (The argument will be to the right by a user named 'wedispute')

My favourite quote from it: "The U.S. was never taken over by anybody. Ever. Remember World War II? Of course you don’t, you weren’t alive. Well I have the internet and I looked it up. Germany successfully invaded England and occupied London..."

1 point

Why would those be your favorite? From what I saw you posted a bunch of "contradictions" without analyzing them individually and didn't even defend them when people posited contentions.

1 point

Andy, since you are the site owner and you had your reasons for creating this site. I would like to see who (what) your nominees are. Especially for this one.

Cuaroc(8827) Clarified
2 points

. I would like to see who (what) your nominees are. Especially for this one.

Someone failed to see the point of the snappys

Chuz-Life(496) Disputed
1 point

Yeah and someone else needs a nice big steaming cup of...

Just for you
1 point

Everrrryyyyyy arrrrggguuummmmeeennnnt IIIIIIII mmaaaaakkkkkeeeeee.

0 points

I'm not a theist but i have some input on God. What God is, is inside every one of us. What theists imagine to be an actual physical entity is just inside our minds because we made him up. All the rules he has and things he like or dislike are reflections of the rules WE think (or thought) we should have and are the things we like and dislike. Religions have just manifested these as an entity. We don't need Gods because we ARE Gods. We have the capacity for great love, and great destruction. Great justice, and horrible injustice. And what we deem to be moral.

What God is is also the great space filler on life's answer sheet. For thousands of years humans have had great questions, which at the times they were asked, had no answers. But we can't just leave questions unanswered, so we made up Gods to fill these gaps in our understanding of the universe. "How did we get here?" God. "Why are we here?" God. "What makes those things in the sky twinkle?" God. But as we have evolved, so has our understanding of the universe, and we have answered many of these questions. However, religions have stubbornly insisted these new answers are wrong and have latched onto the God hypothesis and dragged it kicking and screaming along with us as we have approached modern day. Why? To maintain money and power for some. But for others, they just are incapable of understanding the new answers, so they must fall back on the old. And it just sickens me to see people killing each other over what they're to stupid to understand.

So that being said, it is time to let go of these non-answers to life's questions and embrace the TRUE answers. And these answers are far more fantastical and incredible than we could have ever imagined. We live in such an intricate, breath taking, wonderous universe filled with such a vast array of complex forces and life forms, and these things are made out to be extremely bland when you put God at the wheels of their creation.

"What makes up human beings?" Religion: "Humans are made of dirt because God made it so. Science: "We are made up of the very elements that were formed in the blazing hot core of a magnificent supernova. We are the living creations of actual star dust.

Which do you prefer?

Science bless-

Ave Satanas

Thewayitis(4071) Disputed
1 point

I'm not a theist but i have some input on God. What God is,...

What did you do to get this insight? Have a talk with God?

AveSatanas(4433) Disputed
0 points

Shut the fuck up hypocrite Christians do this all the time to far more of an extreme. At least im basing MY thoughts off of what is most logically probable. And nowhere did i claim knowledge only god would know, only what god IS. so how the fuck does it make sense asking him what he is? Moron. Go find more windows to lick

-1 points

Do not act like you have a degree in history. It is apparent that you have obtained all your information from second-rate historical documentaries and your own personal hunches. You haven't the slightest clue about Armaments Minster Albert Speer and his relocation of German war industry, this is what made the Allied bombing highly un-effective against armaments facilities. You may now argue the issue of morale and German workers casualties; however, the Nazi propaganda machine led by Josef Goebbles saw to it that the majority of the civilian population was sufficiently indoctrinated to resist the propaganda value of Allied bombings in their entirety.

Now you are also making an attempt at arguing that the Allied supreme leaders, including FDR and Churchill, knew nothing whatsoever about the strength of Nazi Germany in Relation to Imperial Japan. This is simply preposterous. May I remind you that Germany was very close to complete domination of Europe. This was the primary threat. Additionally, the German Whermarcht employed revolutionary tactics and strategy. This, along with very advanced weaponry made them a seemingly unstoppable force. The German military High Command was also very keen on developing ''wunderwaffe'' or wonder-weapons. Some of the more known ones are: The King Tiger, The ME-262, The V-1, V-2 and V-3 series of revenge weapons, Seran Gas, and the most dangerous of these weapons, a nuclear type device. There are some eye-witness accounts of an actual test of one of these nuclear devices near the Baltic coast. This is corroborated with tests from the alleged sight. This of course cannot be definitively proven, but it is a possibility. The leaders of the Western Allies knew the threat of German Super-weapons was great, this was spurred on by a letter from Albert Einstein to FDR warning about the Nazi nuclear programme.

As for the Japanese, the facts you state are also preposterous. Yes, the A6M was a very good fighter, but by late 1942, the Allies deployed fighters capable of besting the Zero in a dogfight. Namely, these were the F6F Hellcat and the F4U Corsair. The Japanese navy was relatively large, but the Royal Navy was significantly larger, and the American and Canadian navy's were in a massive expansion programme. Japan could simply not compete with this.

Japanese strategies and tactics were also out-dated, Banzai charges against .30 caliber machine guns are a big no-no in military thought. The Japanese tanks such as the Ha-Go, were inferior even to the Sherman, and production could not hold a candle to that of the US, or USSR. May I also remind you that the USSR and Germans were fighting almost exclusively on one front from 1941-1943. The battle of Kursk took place in the Summer of 1943 and was a decisive Soviet Victory. Your claims are completely false.

Remember, the USSR and Japan fought it out in 1939. The Soviets were victorious.


And would you like to back up your claims? It will be impossible because they are largely false.

Supporting Evidence: The USSR could have won. (

150 days ago | Side: U.S.S.R

I don't think this one was too bad. I did a pretty good job.