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The CreateDebate Awards 2012

The Create Debate Awards 2012

AKA The Snappys


The Snappys is the leading international award honoring excellence in Internet Debating and all things CreateDebate.  Established in 2011, The Snappys represent an intellectually diverse cross section of our global membership.  The Snappys present honors in many categories, categories that you the membership help choose.  Not only do you get to suggest award categories, but you, the online community, determine the winners of the Snappys by voting for the nominee that you believe to be the best in each category.

History of the name Snappy – The Snappys are named in honor of long time Mad Magazine writer Al Jaffee and his Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions Series.  I was a big fan of his work growing up and it seemed appropriate to name the awards in his honor.

Voting will open Sunday, June 17th, 2012 and closes on **Tuesday**, July 31st, 2012.  Winners will be announced by Sunday August 5th.




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4 points

Process – Categories, Nominees and Voting

Every Category will be a standalone perspective debate. I will be the one creating each category debate, so if you have categories you would like added, please message me at ADDLTD. I will link from the main debate to each category debate in order and will list the number of categories on the main debate, and the category number on each subsequent debate so you can follow from the first to the last to vote.

Anyone can enter anybody as a nominee, but please be sure you spell their user ID correctly, because we have some active users who have very similar user IDs. Nominees should be entered as an argument in the format Nominee Name – Reason for Nomination.

Please vote this up to the top so everyone can read it!

3 points

Theres should be categories like, most likely to be President/Prime Minister, or Most likely to be (insert occupation here).

4 points

If there was a "Most likely to reestablish colonialism" award, you'd have my vote ;)

3 points

Most persuasive.

Most logical.

Most stubborn.


Most clueless.

Best single debate ever.

... wait. edit.

Most likely to reply to an idiots obvious attempt to use CD for some promotional or SEO use and make fun of them.

And I nominate me. But I'm likely being counter productive since they want attention. But should anyone actually accidently find whatever retarded thing they're advertising and see my comments they'll surely lose a potential customer. So I have that going.

2 points

Interesting categories... I particular like the "most logical" one.

Oh, and I saw that "debate," too. I was going to post on it to comment on your post, but it was deleted before I could. I knew it would be, but I didn't think It'd be the quickly.

3 points

NEW categories just added!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 points

I know you've got a lot of categories already but "Biggest Troll" would be a good one... maybe next year if you don't add any more this year.

2 points

I was away on vacation and put the last batch up just before I left. Now that I am back I will put some more up before tomorrow evening! Great suggestion.


3 points

Suggested category: "Most Thought Provoking"

"Create Debate Freak Award". 4 people who r always on 24/7 and dedicate their lives to cd. maybe people who been there since the beginnin or something like that.always providing good arguments and all other things like that combined. this could be like the most important role.

2 points

Well, if there is a vote for most annoying, I could think of a few nominees...

2 points

I apologize for not making the video I promised I would yesterday >_<

But nonetheless, I am excited about these awards :) And I'm going to make a video either today or tomorrow. I hope to win another award ^_^

Oh, and I nominate you for "Best Moderator" :P Because this will probably be the last awards that you won't have any competition. lol

2 points

I hope I get nominated in some rewards and this is the first award thing for me on this site so I am looking forward to getting some kind of reward.

4 points

Jesus. Someone give this kid an award. He's lonely and needs something to stare at. Here, I'm upvoting you, poor child.

Aren't you up for multiple accounts or something ;)

Joe that was funny because I have been hearing that it is more Scroms.

2 points

-_- Nope I don't want in on that. But I guess I will take the reward anyway even tho I don't have multiple accounts.

Srom(12207) Clarified
3 points

Why do I get down voted for saying that I hope to get nominated in one of the reward? Seriously what is wrong with you people!

2 points

There should be Most random,Best account picture and Person who most uses emoticons e.g. :D, XD, :), ;) ETC. :D

2 points

I hereby submit "Most Conservative" and "Most Unusual" as Snappy's catagories.

I hope I get an award I know that I haven't been on that much because of work but I know I will get one.

2 points

most passionaate? has that been said? if so my apologies maybe i can win a most redundant award or something like that

there should be an award for "Entertainment Freak Award" for someone who always has some kind of debate or argument or participates in mostly entertainment and stuff like that. Same thing for every other category.

PS:Im new here i just joined 11 days ago, so if my awards suck you know why.

there should be a award called the"Beginner's Luck Award" for newbies and beginners to CD who have already had a big impact by getting many allies, points,debates, and etc.

Micmacmoc(2259) Disputed
2 points

Great, who are you?

there should be a "Perseverance Award" for people who stand to their argument no matter how many people are against them, they keep on fightin and sticking to it. hope nobody already said this

2 points

Well this sucks! Voting is over and I got nothin' this year! I knew I should have suggested a 'Most Hellno-ish' category... Then, maybe I would have had a chance.

3 points

Awh... :(

2 points

Well... thanks MK for the support... but I'm not sure what that kid in that video is doing? And I'm pretty sure I don't want to know.

0 points

how bout croatianchic or amandefoe? that is who i would nominate