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AveSatanas's Reward Points: 4437

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1 Added Argument Why is Martin Luther King's I have a dream speech still so impactful?
1 Added Argument Remember when the libs went crazy over Trump taking time off?
1 Added Argument It's okay to admit you got conned by Biden and the media
1 Added Argument Is Biden a threat to the First Amendment and freedom of the press?
1 Added Argument Why are black Democrats so concerned with getting the white man's acceptance?
2 Added Argument If the left really thought black lives mattered, Jaslyn Adams would be a household name
1 Added Argument 2 mass shootings within a week is a sign the U.S. is getting back to normal
2 Added Argument Hate or don't hate - THAT is the question
4 Added Argument Why are Americans so obsessed with Racism?
2 Added Argument Why are Americans so obsessed with Racism?
1 Added Argument Why were the Japanese so cruel to POWs during WW2?
1 Added Argument The left always feared the right would do what they themselves are doing now
1 Added Argument CNN NBC paid leftist who stormed capitol. Media is funding what they call terror
1 Added Argument Which media is the most powerful?? Left wing news print, or right wing talk radio?
1 Added Argument It isn't minorities the left supports. It supports black followers.
0 Added Argument On this day 138 years ago, Karl Marx made his most useful contribution.
0 Added Argument Why is Nom so weak, stupid and gay?
1 Added Argument 50 Shades of Grey being the best seller proves leftists are full blown liars
0 Added Argument If Bronto killed himself, would it make the world a better place?
0 Added Argument Brontoraptor, Why Do You Source Nazi Propaganda And Thinktanks Owned By The Koch Brothers?
0 Added Argument CreateDebate is dead. This is now the Joe H. Cavalry Memorial Zoo
2 Added Argument Isn't it weird how both parties love all minority people that love them back
2 Added Argument Room 122
1 Added Argument What is the exact percentage of meritocracy present in capitalism?
4 Added Argument I couldn't vote for a leftist if I lived 10 trillion years
0 Created Debate CreateDebate is dead. This is now the Joe H. Cavalry Memorial Zoo
0 Added Argument Bronto is so right wing he thinks republicans are left wing
1 Added Argument Is there a way to smoke alcohol and drink weed?
1 Added Argument IS left wing HATRED of Trump, the same as right wing HATRED of Obama?
1 Added Argument socialists who are way smarter than Bronto
2 Added Argument Right wingers have a warped view of what the left and right truly represent
1 Added Argument Do right wingers know the difference between a liberal and a communist?
1 Added Argument Why does the right care more about their oil assets than protecting the ecosystem?
1 Added Argument Explain To Me How Science And Religion Can Coexist
1 Added Argument Libs who say income inequality is a big problem, sure are rich
2 Added Argument Libs who say income inequality is a big problem, sure are rich
1 Added Argument I've Changed My Mind About Bronto
2 Added Argument When Libs get excited about theoretical campaign finance violations
5 Created Debate God's Existence
1 Added Argument DNC Chairman complains about Voters influenced by their Faith
1 Added Argument For the Gun Control Supporters How did people get killed by guns at Mercy H in Chicago?
2 Added Argument I know why the Left has such intolerance for Christian beliefs. Total insecurity!
2 Added Argument Step By Step To Collect Free Amazon Gift Card Online
2 Added Argument For the Gun Control Supporters How did people get killed by guns at Mercy H in Chicago?
1 Added Argument I BELIEVE in free speech. To wit, I have NEVER banned anybody. Have you?
1 Added Argument Donald Trump is a good president
1 Added Argument Repub governors SAY they support coverage for pre-existing conditions, but SUE to stop it
2 Added Argument If Conservatives Are Smarter Than Liberals Why Does The Data Show The Opposite?
1 Added Argument Shall we use Sweden as an example of what not to do?
1 Added Argument #walkaway march DC
2 Added Argument ISIS is showing what a Muslim sympathiser Obama was. Trump decimated them in one year!
1 Added Argument What is your opinion of obama?
1 Added Argument CD libs have had 50 chances to condemn Scalise shooting. Crickets
1 Added Argument call of duty or fortnite
1 Added Argument Are you deceived?
1 Added Argument Project Veritas catches another Democrat admitting they lie & smear
1 Added Argument Who said it about the media? Trump or Obama?
1 Added Argument Adolf Hitler claimed to be a liberal by name word for word
1 Added Argument Any libs care to discuss Goldman Sachs, seeing you are whining about them?
2 Added Argument Democrats are intentionally lying about the word nationalism
1 Added Argument Could our resident angry right wingers actually BE Russian BOTS??
5 Added Argument Why liberals are frustrated dealing with the modern conservative
1 Added Argument Americans Just Simply Don't Understand Socialism
1 Added Argument Why is it never Atheist groups flocking to disaster zones?
3 Added Argument Why is it never Atheist groups flocking to disaster zones?
1 Added Argument Why is youtube unsubscribing users from conservative channels?
3 Added Argument Libs attack Christians because of priests. Don't realize most Catholics are libs
1 Added Argument If Trump CAN'T be indicted cause he's president, can he be indicted AFTER he's president?
1 Added Argument Mueller says he can't indict Trump. So what would you define him as?
1 Added Argument You cannot debate or compromise with Communists. You can only defeat them
9 Added Argument Trump is gonna fire Sessions, Rosenstien and Mueller. Will the Republican congress object?
1 Added Argument Whitey came to the New World and set up a system of laws that put and kept them in power.
1 Added Argument Masculinity is right wing. Feminism is left wing.
1 Added Argument Crime all in liberal parts of U.S. Why is that?
2 Added Argument Reality of the day for libs
1 Added Argument Lesson for the day for libs
2 Added Argument Lesson of the day for liberals
1 Added Argument Liberal lesson for the day
1 Added Argument Have you noticed this about atheists?
2 Added Argument Is there not one intelligent, rational atheist on this site?
1 Added Argument Is The Use Of Logical Fallacy Part Of Debate?
0 Added Argument Trump Worshipers - Have you realized yet that Medicare is on the chopping block?
1 Added Argument Are you B12 deficient?
0 Added Argument In your opinion, who is the biggest dick head on the site?
1 Added Argument Immigrants Who Escaped Socialist Countries Warn the U.S.
2 Added Argument Why do sociopaths do so well in capitalist societies?
1 Added Argument From where do atheists derive their morality?
1 Added Argument Defeating Atheism in two minutes
1 Added Argument Has Obama's legacy been destroyed?
1 Added Argument Don't you love it when right wingers like FromWithin bait and switch?
3 Added Argument Really bro? Atheists jump on Christians, but not Muslims? Hypocrits.
2 Added Argument Bernie for POTUS?
1 Added Argument Tolerant left strikes again
1 Added Argument Skyrim or Oblivion, which is better?

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