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LibertyLife's Reward Points: 197

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Is there an appropriate age to stop breast feeding?
1 Added Argument Girls Should be Able to do Boy Sports
1 Added Argument Should Age Matter in a Relationship ?
6 Added Argument Is there an appropriate age to stop breast feeding?
5 Created Debate What society do you what to live from the choices below?
1 Added Argument Which Keynesian economist is more idiotic and misguided?
1 Added Argument Besides LvMI, is the ACLU the greatest protector of freedom?
1 Added Argument Is the President Obama politicizing the Bin Laden mission?
1 Added Argument Is Keith Olbermann the poster child for liberal nutjob?
1 Added Argument Obama Administration LIES: Report linking assassination of Obama by bin Laden
1 Added Argument Obamacare will cost at least twice as much as original $900 billion!!
1 Added Argument Christians: Do you think Jeffrey Dahmer went to Heaven?
1 Added Argument Former Coach Haney describes Tiger Woods as cheap, porn-loving, cold man.
1 Added Argument Peyton Manning signed with Denver, where will Tim Tebow play football?
1 Added Argument What team will be the best for Peyton Manning?
1 Added Argument Do you believe god is real?
1 Added Argument Baned pornography
1 Added Argument Are primary educators a dime a dozen?
1 Added Argument Are tours associated with Jeffery Dahmer inconsiderate of victims' families?
1 Added Argument Who do you most respect, and least respect, as a DEBATER on here?
1 Added Argument Why the rising gas prices?
1 Added Argument GAO: Government wasting tens of billions of dollars due to duplication and overl
1 Added Argument Are Catholics an "Jesus Eating Cult"? This is according to Arianna Huffington.
1 Added Argument Can SOPA show the hypocrisy of government power through Author Lamar Smith?

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