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mitgag's Reward Points: 1652

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Have you ever made an argument...
1 Added Argument Christians, enlighten me.
1 Added Argument It's sad how young people treat their own language
1 Added Argument The deliciousness of left overs increase as you get older
5 Added Argument What are your thoughts on the Youth in Asia?
1 Added Argument Do You Miss Sitara (Dana)?
2 Created Debate Good Things Happen To Bad People
2 Added Argument Are beggars in general actually pretty clever?
1 Added Argument Dogs or cats?
1 Added Argument What makes a person's life significant?
6 Added Argument Should students be able to listen to music in class?
2 Added Argument is non violence still a better weapon in 21st century???
2 Added Argument How do you feel about couples that met each other online?
1 Added Argument Stupid people have exceptionally great eye sight.
1 Added Argument CreateDebate Creates: Popular Misconceptions (Serious vs Silly)
1 Added Argument What's wrong with this picture?
1 Added Argument Have You Ever Lost Stuff When You Were Drunk?
1 Added Argument Is Theism a religion?
1 Added Argument OK you guys, we really need to clean up our act and get serious about debating.
5 Added Argument Books or Kindle?
1 Added Argument What is your favorite movie?
1 Added Argument The school force students to make homework!!!!!1
2 Added Argument Proof that animals evolve to match their environment.
1 Added Argument Is this the best way to scare the s**t of somebody?

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