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RSS Atypican

Reward Points:4874
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10 most recent arguments.
2 points

I agree with what you are getting at but....

Isn't a debate won also when one party prevents the other from hiding the truth?

1 point

Category Suggestion: "Biggest CD Smackdown" (for a clear powerful victory in a debate)

I'm hoping for at least a nomination for my recent session with lolzors93 and his nuthugger :)

1 point

Had enough preaching to the choir or shouting over each other?

1 point

Isn't it about time for a full scale assault on bad ideas?

1 point

Never talk politics or religion....use CreateDebate !

4 points

Shirt Color: Gray

Logo Colors: Same as website

1 point

My vote .

3 points

Suggested category: "Most Thought Provoking"

1 point

I got my shirt, and finally got around to posting a pic on the CD facebook page.


2 points

To the 4 people who expressed their appreciation of my perspective I offer my heartfelt thanks.

As a side note I am ever so envious of the awards won by myclob and silaswash

Supporting Evidence: evidence of me being passionate about the idea behind cd (
Atypican has not yet created any debates.

About Me

"I help raise cats for "not herding" Please send links to where I failed to address valid points."

Biographical Information
Name: David Janca
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United States
Postal Code: 87321
Websites: My Twitter

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