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RSS Garry77777

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2 points

Im actually going to agree with this and upvote it, despite the fact that i disgree with his views on almost every level, i have to admit the man is an excellent debator, ive wanted to continue debating him but he doesnt seem to respond to me anymore.

I can see all the spelling errors i leave i just dont give a fuck, but ya cheers!!!, i will.

I amdmit the animal testing was more about me looking for an argument than actually disagreeing with yo but i still think you had a soft touvh approach to the issue but i fully understand why you were a bit bemused by my disagreement, i love arguing and i was just trying to use you to get my daily dose.

I wouldn't exactly call that an insult, it wasn't that disrespectful to you personally it was soley based on your political opinions which i still have to atke issue with, if you knew the kind of suffering you were giving your tacit support to you would take it back immediately i assure you.

Im not gonna fly off the handle im irish we are very docile mild mannered people with a very calm stable temperment.

I have to challenge you on the info. though, while i admit i there is an outside chance i may have presented something that wasn't 100% accurate (i.e. i sid in previous debate that the distribution of wealth in america was a 90/10 split between rich and poor when in fact it may be 80/20, im not which is true i never found out, the), the piont is while i obviously could have presented something completely false i have to disagree(and not becuase im arrogant) as i do put effort into finding out what the correct info. is and i dont present anything as a fact unless i think i am fully sure of it, but you may be correct i have to acknowledge the possibility.

Look i know how to take a joke beleive me but when someone insinuates that i come here and write a load of completely made up and tryb to pass it off as fact i have to take offense to that.

You're goning to have to back that accusation up with some eveidence, otherwise you'll look very foolish for making it.

Heres my elaboration on what i actually meant just incase you didn't read it:


You misunderstand what im trying to say, when i quote FACTS they are facts, when i give my opinion i can be as wrong as anyone else on this site but i dont make anything up to support my arguments, thats all i meant, im sorry you felt i mean that im always right,and that everything i say is correct, that would be a ridiculous assertion for anyone to make

End of Aside

Now if you want to take issue with my claim that all the facts ive presented are facts then please instead of resorting to childish ridicule you could actually challenge me on somehting i claimed to be true i.e. presented as a fact that is actually completely false and made up just to prove a point.

I admit i have dabbled in a fair bit of speculation on this site some of which has been proved correct e.g. i claimed back in Februaury when debating (although thats a generous way of putting it) Joe that the US government was torturing private Bradley Manning in order that he implicate Julian assange (i.e. say he forced him to give him the info. he received as then they could build a convincing case against assange), since then alot of information has been circulated corroborating this (see below just what i found with a quick google search):

y-manning-wikileaks 04/gay-american-soldier-bradley-manning.html

My piont is if im speculating or giving an opinion im not stupid enough to say its a fact, when say something is factual i have credible evidnce to back it up. Now instead of being an ignorant asshole who can't stomach anybodies opinion who go against his own why not producing the evidence that shows when and where i lied PLEASE.

It was a suggestion my friend you dont have to take it that way but whatever, i can tell now im really wasting my time.

Go right ahead, if you honestly deep down in your heart think that this world would be a better place without me on it, then go foe the gusto, tell me to slip into a nice warm bath with two rusty ravor baldes at my wrists. Im a cynical bastard and ive been shaped that way, and im not gonna change (whether id like to or not).

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