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8 points

I'm gonna go with Chuz, he won't shut up about abortion ;)

I guess it's good that he stands up for his opinion, though.


1 point

Thanks... but I have to ask.

If you thought that abortions were the human rights violations that I think they are... would you be any less stubborn than I am about it?

I might make that a debate question.

2 points

If I was as passionate as you were about the topic, then you're correct, I would be just as stubborn as you are.

And yeah, that's a really good idea.

5 points




When it comes to unrelenting positions those two take the cake, and never share so much as a lick of icing!

Chuz-Life(496) Disputed
0 points

You have a skewed idea of what it is for a person to be stubborn. A person representing the truth and facts has no reason to give ground to their opponents but that is not stubborn-ness.

Stubborn-ness is when someone refuses to acknowledge a point when a point has been made and as for that? You are as stubborn as anyone I've encountered on this site so far.

Quocalimar(6469) Disputed
2 points

If you have a point, that you refuse to give an inch on, it doesn't matter if you're right or wrong, it's stubborn. Their are some noble stubborn causes, and their are some idiotic ones.

4 points

Warrior is extremely stubborn. So stubborn that he practically repeats himself over and over again during a debate.

Sitara(11082) Disputed
1 point

Come on, vote for me. You know you want to. ;)

I definitely vote for OddHannah - I did think of myself first, but then Lizzie reminded me how stubborn she is.

Lol wait until she sees this and thinks you judged her in "God's" name. Lol.

shoutoutloud(4302) Clarified
1 point

How in the world did I vote for her in ''God's'' name? I never mentioned God.

3 points

I nominate myself. .

1 point

Jesus! I usually give this one to Garry but he's been gone so long I guess I better come up with a new choice???

1 point

Fuck it! I'll just nominate myself.... I'm at the age where you're not likely to change my mind about anything.

I nominate myself. im the most stubborn asshole when it comes to religious debate .

Sitara(11082) Disputed
1 point

No honey, I am more stubborn. ;)

Quocalimar(6469) Clarified
1 point

Have you met Lolzors? Try explaining away his God.

I have unfortunately. Yeah hes a stubborn asshole but his God doesnt even exist. I mean literally, he isnt even debating for an entity. He only uses dishonest logic and trickery while not even debating but using paradoxes and other tactics in debates. When you argue with him you never get anywhere farther than where you started. His only argument is the ontological argument which is an utter fail but hard to put into words at least for me but i doubt if i cited a place for him to go to watch a vid or read an article that hed do so.

Well, my hiatus has been large, but iamdavidh is very stubborn on his liberal principles. He will grind one point to death.