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Akulakhan's Reward Points: 2985

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Irrational women, logical men
0 Added Argument I'm still waiting for an answer. Do you want background checks when you buy a drink?
2 Created Debate This site needs more dank memes
0 Added Argument Is atheism ""Simply a lack of belief""
2 Added Argument Can agnostics be Christian?
1 Added Argument Vegans - Whats the difference between killing animals or killing plants.
1 Added Argument Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most idiot atheist of all ?
1 High Rated Argument God loves you (2)
1 Added Argument Mini-rant: This site needs to mature.
5 Created Debate Mini-rant: This site needs to mature.
1 Added Argument The Existence of God
1 Added Argument Atheist or agnostic?
1 Added Argument 10% to the Church
3 Added Argument Rape
2 Added Argument Would you rather kill an insignificant child or the president?
-1 Downvoted Argument Would you rather kill an insignificant child or the president?
1 Added Argument Would you kiss Monica Lewinsky knowing where her mouth has been?
1 Added Argument Are heterosexual homophobes just scared their own child...
1 Added Argument Funny how Heterosexuals feel no need to try and convince others of their normalc
1 Added Argument 177 Democrats voted against giving a born Baby from a botched abortion protection!
1 Added Argument Apply to be my enemy or ally and state why you deserve it.
1 Added Argument Do you feel that Feminists have reversed society's food chain?
1 Added Argument Can you ever win a debate with a religious person?
1 Added Argument What do you think being a human means?

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