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RSS TheThinker

Reward Points:1697
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10 most recent arguments.

lol man. No i actually didn't get mine. I just want to say my thanks to Andy THE MODERATOR again.

God bless you for the shirts. I think this is a great way to promote your website because this is "new." It is new to me and it will definetely bring in newcomers.

I appreciate the shirt and i will probably thank you again for it. I hope you got a shirt for yourself as well. :)

2 points

Honestly, im more happy for the surprise than the shirt. Or am i being selfish? I do appreciate the shirt. God bless you Andy.

3 points

I think this is very nice of you. I can't believe that you will put in your money to makes us happy.

It takes a brave man to give money to people who you basically don't really know. :)

I don't think you are stupid either. But i am going to give your an upvote just for laughs and hopefully get a t shirt.

3 points

I hate to hide the truth, i may be a cause i billie's leaving. I do regret is and i feel like a dick. I admit i felt good that she left but now that i made admends with everybody, i feel like a jerk.

Hopefully, we can vote her for being most missed and maybe she can make another account. And maybe Andy can write a message in the upper left hand corner

Create Debate misses Billie.

12 points

Category: Forgiving, Generous, and most especially Hardworking.

Nominee: Andy the Moderator

Reason: Allowed me on his site more than once. But most importantly, works his hardest to make this site beautiful and functional.

And he is spending his money to make shirt for the winners for free!!!! I never met a moderator who does that.

5 points

Dang, im about to cry.

And by the way, i don't hate you anymore Andy. I understand that when im annoyed, i want that person to get out of my way. But you consistenly let me on your site again and again. And that is why i want to nominate you for being generous and forgiving. :)

4 points

I do have to agree. He was even one of my only friends in one of my TheTruth accounts.

4 points

lol it is fine with me. Now that i made admends with everyone knowing that i was disliked don't bother me anymore. :)


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"I'm 26 years old now. This site should allow longer bios. xd"

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Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Democrat
Country: United States

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