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Snappys 2012 - Category #13 MOST PERSUASIVE






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i think MasterKage would be good. not just because he my ally, but because he taught me things and pointed out lots of stuff that i never knew about and makes me go" wow i never even thought about that!"in our debates. he really makes me think about things... thnx MasterKage! LOL!

Cynical(1948) Disputed
1 point

Whoever upvoted this should be ashamed.

1 point

It's been 4 years. I think it is time to let that election go. ;)

2 points

It has to by Atypican. He was among the most persuasive prior to adopting his new persona, but mixed with the Spiritualman account it has to be him. (That is his account right? I mean, that's like common knowledge or something right?)

Prayerfails is definitely the most persuasive because anyone who disagrees with freedom is probably an idiot. Liberty is the single most important thing for humans.

BenWalters(1513) Disputed
2 points

Liberty is the single most important thing for humans.

More important than carbon, oxygen, blood, the ability to reason/think critically, you mean? Without any of them, liberty is redundant.

iamdavidh(4856) Disputed
1 point

Prayerfails isn't persuasive, he's polarizing. For example, he inspires insipid fallacies like "Prayerfails is definitely the most persuassive because anyone who disagree with freedom..."

You have to be able to talk to people who disagree to be persuasive.

To be fair I'm polarizing as well. Hopefully I don't inspire stupid statements though.

The most persuasive person has to be Atypican for his Spiritualman puppet account.